The Glidersports Team knows how important the local dealer base is to the sport of paramotoring and paragliding! By joining the Glidersports Dealer Coalition you will access a wide range of products, years of industry experience, and the largest distribution network to ensure your customers receive quality products in a timely manner.


  • Globally recognized brands and best-in-class product lines. – Devoted, knowledgeable representatives to help you build a strong local flying community and business.
  • You will receive world-class customer service and dealer support – Our customer support department and automated systems are dedicated to resolving your issues in an efficient manner. The satisfaction of our dealers and their customers is central to our collective success.
  • Be Apart of the Future – Glidersports is rapidly developing industry-leading products and relationships to ensure our dealer network always retains the competitive edge and able to deliver the best products possible!
  • Sales Opportunities – Through our state of the art technology systems, Glidersports dealers will be able to see increased profitability and easier customer acquisition.

Strength in numbers – a coalition of reliable dealers, committed to customer satisfaction, fair pricing, and exemplary service.

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