More on our dropzone

GliderSports™ is the top skydiving experience in Kansas City.

Welcome to our dropzone. We’re conveniently nestled next to the 400 acre Clinton Regional Airport (KGLY)

Our facilities include a 50×50 fun jumper packing area with power and WIFI. Our large gravel parking lots can fit any crowd and our golf carts make it easy for jumpers to haul their gear. We also have a streched golf cart to haul jumpers around. You can also shop our on site gear store, which is the largest in the mid-west.

OUR 50 acre playground


On site food, milkshakes, dogs, popcorn, vending, drinks, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate and still growing.

RV campground

We have a 10 stall RV campground on our site with two large bonfire pits and expansive scenic views.

Swoop / Swim Pond

We have a large 4 acre pond perfect for swimming, fishing and swooping in the warm summer months! 

Kansas City, Missouri

83 miles

St. Louis, Missouri

235 miles

Springfield, Missouri

94 miles

Columbia, Missouri

110 miles

Lake of the Ozarks

65 miles