About Glider Sports Skydiving

When should I show up?

You should show up at your scheduled time, Your whole adventure starts at your appt time.  Please note, if you are late it will delay your departure time.  If you are late please understand we will fit you in if we are able with out delaying other customers.  May be subject to a reschedule fee.

What should I wear?

You can wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing and lace up tennis shoes.  Do not wear flip-flops, sandals, slip-on’s or boots with hooks/speed laces.   Do not take anything into the sky that you are not willing to lose.  We also have skydiving jumpsuits for you to wear if you would like.

Can my friends or family come to watch me jump?

Of course they can!  We have an on-site cafe with plenty of shaded seating areas, a swimming pond, camping and much more for them to check out while you are getting ready to make your skydive.

What if I loved my skydive so much I want to jump again?

You can make your next tandem jump or sign up for our First Jump Course to go solo, all with a $50 discount if you schedule the same day as your first jump!

Can I jump by myself the first time?

YES.  Unlike other skydiving centers in the area, we offer every modern training methods of skydiving there is.  You can jump solo your first skydive.  However before jumping solo you will need to go through our first jump course.  Follow this link below.

Get Licensed

Is there a weight requirement?

You must be height and weight proportionate, below 220 lbs.  We can take people above 220 lbs how ever you will need to call us to explore the options.

Is there an age limit for skydiving?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old on the day of your skydive.

How long will my skydiving experience take?

In a perfect world 2-3 hrs.  However we do not live in a perfect world so realistically plan on spending up to 4-6 hours at the with us.

We want you to be able to ask questions, talk with your instructor and enjoy your experience. 

You might even want to stay longer after you meet us.  We have free camping on site, bonfires most nights.  We are a great place to spend a weekend on the lake.

Keep in mind skydiving is completely weather dependent.  As weather delays can and do happen, we work as fast as we can to get caught back up from the fist apt times to the latest. 

What is the reschedule or cancel policy?

Please make any changes as far out as possible. No changes to your reservation may be made within 10 days of your appointment.

Changes inside of 10 days are possible, it will be subject to a rescheduling fee of $50. 

If the weather (rain & clouds) is prohibiting jumping for the entire day of your appointment we will issue you a rain check with booking priority.   

If you choose to cancel your appointment you will forfeit your deposit as we limit our spots each day to provide the best experience we can. On days with less than ideal weather & you would not like to wait with us. You will be subject to the reschedule fee.

We are sorry but rain checks only no refunds.

What if I decide not to Jump?

Once you have boarded the plane, your entire amount is non-refundable.

Will I be on the same plane as my friend?

We cannot guarantee that groups can always jump on the same aircraft although we can usually make that happen. 

Let us know when you check in if you have special requests.

Can We buy 1 video for everyone in the group?

Each person has there own videographer to go skydive with them.  As it is physically impossible for the freefall photographer to video more than one Tandem at a time.

However just grab a team member on the ground to take a photo of your group on your phone.

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