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Camaleon Throttle V3

The Cameleon V3 is available! After a long testing period, the new chameleon v3 throttle has arrived with upgraded ergonomics and

Cameleon V2 to V3 Upgrade Kit

$64.99 $54.99
Cameleon V2 to V3 Upgrade Kit Please see instruction below. NOTICE KIT V2 to V3 2015

Vittorazi V THROTTLE Paramotor Throttle

Vittorazi V-Throttle Available both for right or left hand **Please note – the throttle can be switched between left or right-hand operation

Vittorazi – Remote Carburetor Regulator (ACC201) | Vittorazi Moster 185


In stock

**The use of this product will void your warranty. Quantity Per Order – 1 **Genuine Vittorazi Part**

Paramotor Throttle Black


Out of stock

Skytek paramotor throttle Has only 2 wires, one for the kill switch and one for starter/PTT switch. (If you do not