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APCO Flight Deck w/Container


80053: Flight Deck w/Container APCO’s Flight Deck resembles other cockpits, but has some unique features which makes it more user

APCO Paramotor Container


80025: Paramotor container (size L) for Mayday 16/18/20/Bi, 16/18/20LT, 20SLT, GMD/GMD SLT The best made, best looking, universal emergency parachute


Power Tool – Reserve Closing Tool


The Power Tool. This is the ultimate main container closing tool for skydivers. Made of stainless steel and spectra. The

Reserve Maillion – 6MM


Reserve Maillion – 6MM Maillon Rapide / Ozone


Reserve Maillon – 8mm


Sold Oty Per: 1 Brand – Maillon Rapide / Ozone


Stainless Steel Carabiner – PowerFly Austrialpin

$39.99 $29.99

PowerFly Stainless Steel Carabiner (s) (26kN) Recognized industry wide as the ultimate in safety and performance. Qty: 1


Sup’Air Split Reserve Bridle

$45.99 $35.99

Independent solo risers set for solo reserve parachute. Includes two separate risers for reserve attachment.


SupAir Connect


Harness-riser connection. An exceptional strength to weight ratio! Sold two to a pack… Great for reserve connections… Safety – Breaking

SupAir Dyneema Reserve Bridle


Set of independent light Dyneema risers 145 cm long for solo reserve parachutes.

SupAir EVO Reserve Pocket – Zip On


SupAir Evo Paramotor Harness Reserve Pocket. Can be used on either side.