Renegade Minari Paramotor


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  • Renegade Low Hook-In Frame
  • Minari F1-M9 Engine
  • Throttle w/ Cruise Control
  • Custom Wood Prop
  • APCO Universal Harness

This is a complete ready to fly paramotor.

Upgrade Options-

  • Swann Neck/Low Bar Hook-In – 389.00
  • Custom Minari Carbon Prop – 119.00
  • Minari Cooling Shroud – 51.00
  • Cameleon Throttle – 99.00

Renegade Frame Information:

Constructed using a plastic (66-40% nylon and glass reinforced) frame and hoop assembly have made this ppg strong, corrosive free and attractive. In fact the plastic is much stronger than aluminum pound for pound.
The tight 380 pound test Dyneema netting keeps the pilot safe from the spinning propeller.
The frame and hoop design allow for extremely fast and easy assembly.
The top half of the hoop assembly can be removed quickly so that it can stand upright in the back of a small SUV.
The weight shift spreader bars not only help more efficient turning but also make walking around with the motor on the back comfortable because the seat is in a vertical position rather than a horizontal position which is typical with fixed “J” bars.

The design is great for portability.  The longest pieces are the six individual spokes and the bulkiest piece is the 4 gallon gas tank.

Breakdown or setup of all pieces can be done in less than 10 minutes.



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