Tandem Progression

AFF - Accelerated Free Fall

IAD/Static-Line Progression

There are many ways to learn how to skydive. Here at Glidersports we do them all. Tandem progression eases you into learning how to skydive by first making several “training” tandem skydives at which point we then cross train you into one of the solo methods of your choosing. The IAD/Static-Line progression which is very similar to the military static-line progression is a time honored method of skydiving. Accelerated Free Fall is the latest and greatest most intense method of skydive instruction recognized by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). AFF students are taken all the way up and exit with two Instructors experiencing Free Fall the way it was meant to be, right from the very first jump if so desired. Click on one of the links above for more information on all our methods of skydive instruction.