First time? Make a skydive attached to a seasoned professional and try out the wonderful world of skydiving. No prior experience necessary.  Make your first tandem skydive TODAY!

Here’s how your Tandem Skydive experience will go.

You hear the roar of the airplane’s engine as you peer out the window, the sun reflecting off the tiny waves of Truman Reservoir, far beneath you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a red light come on, and someone yells out, “Door!”

You’re suddenly hit by a rush of cool air, and the excitement level of everyone around you is visibly increasing; you can see it in their eyes! A green light comes on in place of the red, and now you’re moving toward the door…toward the open air of the sky. Your instructor guides you both into exit position, and there, 14,500 feet below you, is the beautiful Earth, waiting for your return. Your heart is pounding as your instructor begins the exit count… Of your tandem skydive.

“Ready!” You both lean forward.
“Set!” You both lean back.
“GO!” You both lean forward and out the door, into the open air.

Whether you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list kind of adventure, or maybe thinking of becoming a licensed skydiver, Glidersports Skydiving is Southwest Missouri’s Tandem skydiving paradise, offering the consistently highest altitude jumps in the Midwest region!

We invite you to come visit, and experience our unique brand of skydiving fun! Want to make the first date impression of a lifetime? Glidersports Skydiving has a package just for you! We have Tandem Skydiving packages and gift certificates that make the perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries, group office outings, and just about any special occasion. We have something to offer everyone, including those who may be physically disabled or have special needs – please give us a call, we’d love to help! Special rates are available, depending on the size of the group. Glidersports Skydiving would love to be a part of your special celebration, so give us a call today to get started. The sky is waiting!


When you choose Glidersports Skydiving, you get an experience, not just a skydive. This is all about what you want, what your goals happen to be, and we offer more fun to choose from than anywhere in the Midwest!

We let you choose your level of participation on a Tandem Skydive, in either a passive or active role. You can choose to go as a passenger, where all you basically have to do is arch in freefall and pick up your legs for landing, with around 45 minutes of preparation and training. You can choose a more active role if you wish and use the skydive as the first jump on your way in to the Glidersports Skydiving Student Program. Your instructor will increase the intensity and depth of training according to your comfort level, and you can be on your way to earning a skydiving A-License from your very first jump! Here at Glidersports Skydiving it’s all about YOU. You get to decide what your skydiving experience will be like. 

jumps offered everyday up to 18,000 feet MSL!

Every tandem skydive really is a training jump, but you do have a choice: jump as a beginner Student skydiver or simply as a skydiving passenger. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot, and you’ll have more fun than you ever dreamed possible! We can’t wait to see that look on your face…

Tandem Skydive

If It’s Not On Camera, Did It Really Happen?

Glidersports Skydiving Video Service can provide you with a whole slew of options to help commemorate your personal skydiving experience. The quality and beautiful production of our skydiving media is second to none, and we have a package for every need, for every level of awesome you can imagine:

  • Handcam Video OR Stills, worn by Tandem Instructor
  • Outside Camera Flyer: Video OR Still Photos
  • Outside Camera Flyer: Video AND Still Photos
  • ULTIMATE VIDEO PACKAGE — Instructor Handcam + Outside Video and High Resolution Still Photos!

Every video is professionally edited and produced in-house using the very latest Macintosh video and audio production tools. Your DVD will contain both full media and web-ready (m4v) versions of your meticulously edited skydiving masterpiece!

Your friends will be so envious of your awesome Glidersports Skydiving schwag. By all means, bring them out with you, and let’s get them in the air, too!

An Unforgettable Day Begins…

From the moment you arrive at Glidersports Skydiving, you’re treated like family – we want you to feel at home, like you belong! You’ll check in with manifest first, to verify your appointment, your choices for altitude and video, and get yourself weighed-in. You’ll fill out just a bit of paperwork, and afterward, you’ll watch a brief video presentation that will give you a sense of what you’re about to do…you know, the legal stuff. You’ll be paired with a highly-experienced, professional master skydiver who is trained and certified to carry tandem passengers. Here at Glidersports Skydiving we even have a United Parachute Technology’s Tandem Examiner on staff whom personally oversees our Tandem Skydiving operations. Not only are all our tandem instructors certified, they are hand-picked by the trainer himself, ensuring that here at Glidersports you are going with the best of the best. Your instructor will review the Tandem Parachute System with you, give you training in body position for freefall through deployment. He’ll also cover canopy flight, which you can and should assist with for a more immersive experience.

Many people are surprised to learn that every Tandem Skydive is essentially a training jump; in fact, your tandem jump can be used as the first jump in the skydiving A-License progression! Have a look at our Tandem-to-Accelerated Freefall Progression for further details!

Gear Up…Into the Wild Blue Yonder

You’ll go through approximately thirty minutes of training, after which your instructor will place you into the Tandem Passenger harness and begin adjusting it for your individual size and shape – this will be a bit up close and personal, but it’s all about making sure you’re both safe and comfortable during the skydiving experience!

Your instructor wears a tandem skydiving parachute system, with every modern safety feature built in – we only use the best! Once you’re both geared up, you’ll board one of our fleet of aircraft, belt in, and enjoy a beautiful climb to altitude above beautiful Truman Lake affording you the finest view on a ride to altitude in the entire midwest. Just before reaching the top, your instructor will attach your harness to the Tandem Parachute System using four military-grade connectors that are built into the passenger harness. Once you’re secured, you’ll see the red light near the door come on, and that’s when you hear someone call out the favorite word of every skydiver: “DOOR!” letting everyone in the cabin of the aircraft know that the in-flight door is about to open and the REAL adventure is about to begin.

The Jump

Once the DOOR is open you’ll immediately feel and hear the wind rush in, filling the cabin with the scent of sky and turbine exhaust…it’s a moment you will never, ever forget! (It just got REAL!)

When it’s your turn to go, your instructor will begin moving the two of you to the open door. This is the moment that really takes your breath away. Your cameraman moves into position outside the aircraft. Your instructor moves you into the exit position. He begins the exit count: “Ready! Set! GO!” and you’re off! The sound of the airplane is soon replaced with the sound and feel of the rushing wind, as you and your instructor arch forward into freefall. The wind shapes your body as you fall straight down without the sensation of falling…only the feeling of being held aloft, as if you’re floating on a column of wind. All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself…at around 120 miles per hour!

As you descend, your cameraman flies in to greet you, letting you geek the camera, while he’s busy getting some spectacular video and stills as you freefall over Truman Reservoir. Your tandem instructor will be performing safety and emergency handle checks, as well as monitoring your diminishing altitude. He’ll turn you around 360 degrees in both directions, letting you take in all of our beautiful local horizon, as you continue to descend, approaching deployment altitude.

Canopy Flight and Landing

When it’s time to open the parachute, at around 6000 feet, your instructor will give the wave-off signal, then he’ll reach back and deploy the tandem main parachute. A second or two later, you feel yourself pulled upright, everything slows down and gets quiet, and you suddenly realize you’re no longer free-falling…you’re flying!!!

Your instructor may allow you to fly the parachute, giving you first-hand experience as you control a real skydiving canopy! The gentle breeze in your face and the quietness of it all is a powerful contrast to the blissful chaos of freefall. Parachutes are much more fun to fly than any roller coaster or carnival ride! You’ll fly an approach pattern for landing, just as an airplane does, even softer.

And the odds are pretty high that you’ll probably be ready to jump again!

If you are only wanting that once in a lifetime jump, then a tandem skydive is the perfect choice for you! We highly recommend that you commemorate your skydive with a Video and Still Photos package – skydiving photos and videos are spectacular, and much more fun to show off than just a t-shirt! We do have t-shirts, as well…and they go great with a video and stills package. We’re just sayin’.

No matter what you choose, we invite you to come and be a part of the Glidersports Skydiving family. Let us share ourexperience with you…and be a part of yours! All of our staff, much like you, were curious about the skydiving experience and came out to make that first skydive at some point. The only difference being that they did it years ago and decided to stick with it and excel in the sport of skydiving wanting to pass on the knowledge and experience that they learned on the way. Here at Glidersports Skydiving we not only create skydivers, we create skydiving instructors.

Observation Rides

Don’t want to skydive? How about an observation ride? You can enjoy an exciting ride up to altitude in the baddest skydiving jump ship in the Midwest, the Cessna Supervan 900, and watch your friends jump out – ask about Observer Rides at manifest, and we’ll get you a front row seat to the Glidersports Skydiving action! It’s the next best thing other than actually leaving the plane yourself.


It is possible that you may have to wait a little while before jumping because of cloud cover or other weather conditions. This can sometimes lead to a backed-up schedule for Tandem and Student jumping – it happens sometimes. We tell  people to come out and plan to spend most of the day with us, because sometimes, things just happen – but we do have  ways to have fun when we aren’t jumping!

Tandem Packages & Pricing


8,000 Foot


Our most affordable skydive.

Approximately 10 seconds of freefall.


Basic Tandem

10,500 Foot


Our Basic Skydive Package is done from an altitude of approximately 10,500 feet.

Approximately 30 seconds of freefall.


Regular Tandem

12,500 Foot (or more)


Our 12,500 foot tandem skydive is the highest everyday tandem skydive available in the area from a non turbine aircraft.

From 12,500 feet you’ll get approximately 1 minute of freefall.


Specialty Tandem Packages & Pricing

Turbine Tandem

14,500 Foot


Our Turbine Aircraft Tandem Skydive is the highest altitude regular tandem skydive in our area. We guarantee at a minimum of 14,500 with most loads typically going quite a bit higher on the average.


High Altitude Tandem

18,000 Foot


The highest altitude tandem skydive offered in the area without a special appointment. Glidersports Skydiving is the only drop zone in the area that routinely flies loads to 18K or above.


Media Packages & Pricing

Handcam Video

Your tandem instructor wears a small action camera on his wrist and films your (tandem only,) skydive for you up close and personal.


Outside Video OR Stills

An “outside” freefall videographer accompanies you on your skydive filming your experience start to finish allowing you to be yourself while he/or she documents your experience through either photographs or video with the choice being yours. Videos are then custom edited and set to music.


Outside Video AND Stills

An “outside” freefall videographer accompanies you on your adventure capturing your experience on video while simultaneously taking high resolution still photographs suitable for printing and framing. Your video is custom edited and set to music.


Ultimate Video AND Stills

An “outside” videographer accompanies you on your skydive filming your entire experience on video while simultaneously taking high resolution still photographs. Your tandem instructor also wears a small action camera capturing his unique perspective. Both videos are custom edited together and put to music.