Training For Paramotor Pilots

Safety | Why Use Certified Instructors?

While training is not legally required for powered paragliding it’s utter folly to skimp. Experts make it look simple but skills and knowledge are quite different than other forms of aviation. Not harder, just different. And just as important. We strive provide a standard of skills, knowledge, and experience so that everyone knows what’s needed. Get thorough training and insist that the USPPA syllabus is used through at least a PPG 2 rating. It will take longer, but it will be well worth it.

NEW: A List Of Instructors That Give Ratings In order for an instructor to show up on this list they must have given at least one rating. Plus you can see who is actively giving ratings within the past 12 months. The reason this is important is because both the instructor and student sign off on doing the training as listed in the entire syllabus for the rating sought.

Ratings Verification is how you can verify that someone claiming to have a rating actually has that rating. You must have the members first 4 letters of their last name and their member number.

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