Why You Should Jump With Us?

We’re a fun jumper paradise

Why You Should Jump With US!

Here at Glidersports we know that fun jumpers are our greatest assets. Sure, lift ticket prices aren’t all that profitable for the dropzone. They don’t even keep up with the gas and maintenance costs for the aircraft when flying at minimums. It’s a well known fact that work jumps pay the day to day bills. That being said,  we believe the fun jumper community is the heart and soul of our dropzone. That’s the foundation that Glidersports Skydiving is built on. 

Fun jumpers create and exude the hype and excitement that tandems and students find so appealing and keeps them coming back for more. They build the tight bonds of friendship frolicking in the skies and create that family atmosphere that makes the dropzone an almost magical place. While doing all this they build the experience required to one day become even bigger assets to the dropzone. By earning and utilizing instructional ratings, they complete the circle and end up training and encouraging the next batch of students and sparking that same passion that was ignited in them years before.

For those reasons we built Glidersports Skydiving to be a fun jumper paradise. Glidersports offers fun jumpers the lowest priced jump tickets in the region providing the ability to make more jumps for less. We carry the lowest minimums to fly so that fun jumpers have more opportunities to skydive when they want to. We offer the best incentives in the area when you decide to bring your friends and want to jump with them. We provide the largest, nicest and newest aircraft in the region insuring the safest outcome because we jump from these aircraft as well. We built the biggest and nicest facility in the area.

The new fun jumper packing area houses 2500 square feet of climate controlled padded floor space as well as private rooms for debriefing and team training. There’s also a pool table and lounge area full of couches and video games for those unexpected weather holds. Monitors and computer terminals are provided for reviewing your jumps or trading videos with each other. There’s even a private restroom for when you’ve just got to go. We’ve got a full service rigging loft up stairs and many service can be had while you wait.

Glidersports.com is headquartered at Glidersports Skydiving providing the largest fully stocked on-site gear store in the area with 1000s of SKU available. If you want it, or need it, Glidersports probably carries it and has it on the shelf for your immediate consumption. Glidersports can have you in that new gear before your next jump.

Outside on our 47 acre campus we provide an additional 1600 square feet of covered areas overlooking the main landing area which can be used for overflow packing or just hanging out. We’re a pet friendly dropzone and provide a fenced in area for when you can’t leave your best friend at home or simply don’t want to. The Bent Prop Cafe has an extensive breakfast and lunch menu available so you don’t have to run to town to get a hot meal. You can even order a cold brew when you’re done skydiving for the day. We provide a large, well-maintained pond for the swooper that wants to get his toe wet, the kids that just want to swim or god forbid the real junkie that wants to strap on the flyboard or hoverboard and take their weekend up a notch. There are a couple of large fire pit areas for passing the evenings away and a grilling shack for cooking up dinner by the bonfire. There’s even a shooting range with steel targets setup for when you want to blow off some steam. Just up the hill from the pond and main fire pit, Glidersports has a full hookup RV park with outdoor shower facilities for the hardcores that plan on spending the entire weekend (or more). We also maintain a climate controlled bunk house on-site for those on a budget that need an economical place to crash and don’t want to foot the exorbitant bills at one of the many local hotels that are only a few miles away.

These are just some of the reason why you should be checking out Glidersports if you haven’t already. And if you have, I’ll bet a lot has changed and you should probably do it again. Glidersports does more than support our fun jumper community. We like to think we foster it. Glidersports values fun jumpers above all. And if you’ve made it this far here’s one last thing we’ll leave you with. From time to time Glidersports likes to put out little promotional posts and ads showcasing the recent happenings at the dropzone. The best way we know how to do that is by collecting videos and pictures from our fun jumpers and compiling edits or photo albums showcasing the ridiculous amounts of fun we have each and every week. We would like to propose another incentive program to our fun jumpers showing you just how valuable you all are to us. If Glidersports uses a video or photo submitted by a fun jumper, in a promotional paid for advertisement*, we’ll give you a cheeseburger. Free lunch, just for letting us have a copy of your last skydive. Who does that? Glidersports that’s who! As if there wasn’t enough reasons already why you should be skydiving at Glidersports. Glidersports, doing it’s part to fight world hunger!

*promotional paid for advertisements are consider to be boosted social media posts or commercial advertisements related to signage, newspaper, radio or television ads. Basically, if we think your footage is good enough to put some money behind to promote the dropzone then we’ll give you a cheeseburger the following weekend to show our appreciation. Free cheeseburgers can not be banked.

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