Dudek Universal 1.1


UNIVERSAL 1.1 Universal is the first free flying (EN B) paraglider ever which can be converted by its user into... read more

23, 25.5, 28, 31, 34


Earth, Fire, Air, Water




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Target group:

Universal is dedicated for beginner and recreational pilots who fly:
– exclusively free (but want to benefit from moderate reflex ability)
– mostly free, sometimes with paramotor
– both free and paramotor
– mostly with paramotor, sometimes free
– exclusively paramotor (but appreciate better economy, easier launch and
nicer handling than in standard paramotor wing, like Synthesis2)

Important for instructors
Universal is perfect for initial PPG training


Universal comes with factory-installed trimmers, but (!) they are disabled (!), e.g secured with plastic buckle and hidden in a neoprene sock. Along with developing pilot skills, or by the judgement of instructors trimmers can be activated (half, of full), and TST toggles can be installed (kit included in the bag).


The appearance of the Universal caused a lot of interest from clients. A lot of questions followed, so here you have answers for the most frequent ones:

Q: In what configuration is the Universal delivered (PG or PPG)?

A: The canopy is manufactured basically as free-flying (PG) wing, so this is its original configuration. However, it can be easily transformed into full-blood reflex paraglider by conscious releasing the trimmers and installing a ‘paramotor-set’, comprising the ALC lines and TST toggles.
It can be done on the ground only – unintentional releasing the trimmers in flight is not possible.

Q: Is there a ‘moto’ set available for the Universal?

A: Each Universal has a ‘paramotor-set’ attached (ALC lines and TST toggles). This is not the same, as ‘moto version’ of the Plus or Nemo2. Those paragliders have to be ordered in ‘moto’ version (with different risers and rigging), while the Universal is a canopy which can be altered to a paramotor state by the owner (as well as it can be reversed back to free flying version unassisted).

Q: Is the Universal an ‘all in one’ canopy, for any art of flying, like many other paragliders present on the market?

A: No. Universal 1.1 is EITHER a classic profile canopy for recreational free flying (in the factory, basic configuration), OR a full-blood training/recreational reflex canopy (after releasing the trimmers and installing ALC steering). As a PG paraglider it can be deemed something between the Plus and the Optic. As a PPG paraglider it will behave similarly to Synthesis2 (of course similar is not identical).

Q: What is included in the Universal on delivery – a MotoBag, or biggerbackpack for PG wings, which will house the harness too?

A: Since the basic configuration of the Universal is the free-flying version, the default package comprises:
– DuraLight backpack
– FastBag (quick bag)
– other accesories (transport bag with compression strap, Easy Catch speedbar, pouch with documents and repair kit, wind direction indicator, small gadgets).

When ordering the Universal please state your preferred hang points (high or low), so that we can prepare your risers accordingly (position of steering handles and balls).
With none information received, paraglider will be expedited low hang point setting. Of course, switching the configuration is relatively easy to do at any time.

Complete kit you receive includes:

The total worth of these additional parts amounts to some 200 Euro.


Size 23 25.5 28 31 34
Certification  EN/LTF B  EN/LTF B  EN/LTF B EN/LTF B
DGAC Approval yes yes yes yes yes
Cell number 50 50 50 50 50
Surface area flat [m2] 23.00 25.50 28.00 31.00 34.00
Surface area projected [m2] 19.83 21.98 24.14 26.72 29.31
Wingspan flat [m] 10.83 11.40 11.95 12.57 13.17
Wingspan projected [m] 8.71 9.17 9.61 10.11 10.59
Aspect ratio flat 5,10
Aspect ratio projected 3,83
Sink [m/s] min = 1,1
Speed [km/h] min = 23; trim = 37-52; max = 57
Longest chord [mm] 2612 2751 2882 3033 3176
Shortest chord [mm] 601 633 663 698 731
Lines risers length [m] 6.82 7.18 7.53 7.92 8.29
Total lines length [m] 344.01 362.82 380.74 401.20 420.70
Weight range DGAC [kg] 60-95 70-115 90-140 110-170 135-215
Weight range EN [kg] 60-75 70-95 90-115 110-140 (135-170)
Weight of the wing [kg] 5.6 5.95 6.4 6.85 7.35
Lines Technora 90 & 140 & 190 & 280 & 340 & 420
Cloth Porcher Classic 38 g/m2
Dominico 34 g/m2, Porcher Hard 40 g/m2, SR Scrim, SR Laminate 180 g/m2
Risers Pasamon – Bydgoszcz, Polska


  • TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) standard (basic)
  • TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) short
  • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) standard
  • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) short




Launch comfort      
Brake operation     
Reflex mode adjustable
Shape rigidity    
Passive safety     
Acceleration trim / speed 70% / 30%
Minimum speed      
Maximum speed   
Classic comps   
Slalom comps   
Classic FAI comps  
Cross country flying    
Powered thermalling      


Cells 50
Aspect ratio 5.1
SN – Shark Nose  no
LE2R – Leading Edge Double Reinforcements  no
PR – Push & Relax Technology  yes
DOA – Dudek Optimized Airfoil  yes
DRA – Dudek Reflex Airfoil  yes
CSG – Canopy Shape Guard  yes
LT – Laser Technology  yes
FET – Flexi Edge Technology  yes
MR – Mini Ribs  no
ACS – Active Cleaning Slots  yes
CS – Cleaning Slots  yes
2-liner  no
3-liner  no
Valves  no


Toggles type TCT – Triple Comfort Toggle 
Easy Keeper  yes
SL – Smart Lock  no
Naps  no
TR – Trimmers  yes
SS – Speed System  yes / no
ALC – Alternative Steering System   yes
TST – Tip Steering Toggle  yes
2D – 2D Steering System  no
Easy Lunch Riser  yes
TCL – Tip Control Line  no
AC – Active Control B  no
PA – Power Attack System  no
ACC – Active Control C  no


Certificates LTF B;EN B
DGAC approval yes
warranty 24 months
Aerocasco option

Additional information


23, 25.5, 28, 31, 34


Earth, Fire, Air, Water