Tandem Jump.

Make your first Tandem Skydive for as low as $190 with our first load 8AM discount. 

First Time Skydiving? First, let us take a moment to congratulate you on making the most important decision in your life: You’ve chosen the best skydiving center in the area. We will help make your dreams of flight come true! At Glidersports, every instructor is certified through the United States Parachute Association (USPA.) In addition to this, Tandem Instructors have specialized training and certifications by the manufacturer of the gear that will be used on your skydive. We use only the most modern, highest-quality equipment, and our training courses are at the cutting edge of industry guidelines.

“We had a seriously awesome first Skydiving experience! The instructors are super nice and approachable and the process felt very safe and routine. We did a tandem jump with 60 seconds of free fall and the experience was surreal and thrilling, and it was the perfect length of time in free fall. The video and photos turned out so cool and its really amazing to be able to watch it back and relive it! The property was absolutely beautiful and it was a great place to spend the day!”

“First time jumper for my 60th birthday. It’s a bucket list thing! I felt totally safe and the staff were super! I had such a great experience. My wife was nervous about the whole thing until she saw how professional and well run the operation is. Put her at ease and she actually enjoyed watching me and our son jump. I wholeheartedly recommend this place and the experience we had was top notch!”

“Glider Sports: Skydiving was incredible! It’s been a few years since I’ve gone, however I’ve been updating my Google account and I need to catch up on some reviews on places I’m found of! Glider sports was an incredible experience and I would love the opportunity to return and go again! Who knows, maybe I’ll even take lessons!”

“Had a fun day watching all the skydivers. Extremely professional crew and nice clean facilities. If I ever decide I need skydiving in my life they would be my very first choice!”

“Best rush I’ve ever had. The most freedom I’ve ever felt. Its a must on your bucket list.!”

“I had a great experience with an amazing instructor! He made my adventure fun and also funny. I’d recommend and can’t wait to go again.”