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Tandem Jump

First Time Skydiving? First, let us take a moment to congratulate you on making the most important decision in your life: You’ve chosen the best skydiving center in the area. We will help make your dreams of flight come true! At Glidersports, every instructor is certified through the United States Parachute Association (USPA.) In addition to this, Tandem Instructors have specialized training and certifications by the manufacturer of the gear that will be used on your skydive. We use only the most modern, highest-quality equipment, and our training courses are at the cutting edge of industry guidelines.

Personalized One-on-one Experience

Our USPA-certified tandem skydiving instructors will make sure you have the best skydive in the Midwest. After meeting you, they will then train you in all the aspects of your tandem jump. Next, you will be equipped with a harness and escorted to your airplane by your instructor and videographer, who will help you during boarding, the ride to altitude, and during the jump itself. After landing, they’ll walk you back into the hangar and give you your First Jump Certificate, as well as answer any questions you may have about getting a skydiving license

Scenic Views!

The midwest is well known for its vast and wide open spaces. Open flat spaces are great for safe landing areas (of which we have plenty,) but everyone wants a skydive with a view! We are very fortunate to have the beautiful and scenic Truman Lake Reservoir so close to our facility. Sunsets at Glidersports are simply breathtaking!

Best Airplane!

Our primary skydiving aircraft is one of the most sought after in the industry. The Glidersports SuperVan 900 is the newest and fastest jump ship in the region, with the capacity to hold larger groups and get you higher, faster!

Pictures & Video of your Tandem Skydive!

The pictures and video of your tandem skydive are arguably just as important as the jump. For just a little bit of extra money, you can have a professional videographer accompany you on your skydive to capture the experience. The end result is a professionally edited masterpiece, ready to share and help commemorate your personal skydiving experience.

Video OR Pictures $109

We know the price of skydiving can be a hurdle for many people, and we aim to give you the best value for your dollar. We have many different altitude options – no other dropzone can give you the best price to jump out of an airplane.

Video AND Pictures $135

A professional freefall videographer is going to follow you on your skydiving adventure to capture your experience. They will simultaneously take high resolution still photographs (suitable for printing and framing) as well as video which is custom edited and set to music.

Handcam Video $89

Your tandem instructor wears a small action camera on his wrist and films your skydive for you up close and personal.

Pictures & Video of your Tandem Skydive!

The ultimate extreme video package. Your skydive will be filmed and photographed from a third-person perspective as well as from an action camera on your instructor’s wrist. These two unique video angles will both be combined into a masterful edit with music. Accompanied by high quality still pictures of the jump.