So you just got your A License, Now What?!

Well first, Congrats! Now the real training begins. What you have gained in your ~25 jumps is the basics. We are here to keep you progressing as far as you want to go!


Block jumps available for our student jumpers.

Let’s talk about short term and a long term goals.

Short term – continue building your skills in both freefall and under canopy.  We want to foster safe skydiving and building your skills makes everyone in the air just a little bit safer.

  1. Continue to use the Instructors and experienced jumpers.
    Skydivers like to talk about skydiving. You will come across so many tidbits of knowledge just by being around. But use reliable resources. Trust but verify.
  2. It’s ok to say ‘No’!
    Let’s face if you just became licensed; you may not have the best skill set and may not be ready for the 12 way that’s being setup. It really is ok to say ‘No’.
  3. Wind.
    The big forgiving canopies you should be flying at this time don’t get much penetration into the wind. Remember the 14mph limit on Student Status? It has a reason. You’ll hear this a lot: “Windy days are when Experienced jumpers on the ground watch New jumpers GET Experience” or “It’s better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground”.
  4. Dress for Success.
    Jumpsuits make a huge difference. Really. Seriously. Really. #Ican’tBelieveSoMuch. We didn’t put you in one as a student just to make you warmer.
  5. Smaller does not equal better. Larger does not equal safe.
    Smaller jumpsuits, rigs, canopies, etc. Smaller generally means faster, Larger generally means slower. Don’t Up or Downsize beyond your skills. Anything can be a hazard. Talk with your instructors or S&TA.
  6. Engage. Skydivers can puff their chests but you will find your crew or inject yourself into one.
  7. Enjoy the journey. It just started.


Every License level gives you privileges. Some are DZ based and some are USPA based.

Long term is where the many branches of skydiving come into play. 
Do you want to fun jump and take in the relaxing skydive, are you looking to wingsuit, CRW, go vertical, swoop, compete, or help foster new skydivers?


Talk with our staff as there are too many avenues to list.


Whatever your goal, Glidersports will help YOU make it happen.

This was information obtained from an experienced skydiver who is a TI, AFF-I, IAD-I, and Coach. He admits to breaking the rules but also wanted to convey that some of these could be the difference between having a successful skydiving experience and the worst thing you can imagine (he also rolled his eyes at this sentence).