The Best Skydiving Near You!
Glidersports is an unbeatable skydiving experience!

The midwest has never seen anything like Glidersports before. Our mission is to offer the Kansas City skydiving scene something it’s been missing for a long time. Glidersports offers the best location, the most dedicated and experienced staff, and the newest and fastest aircraft. Available seven days a week, 365 days a year!

If you live anywhere near Kansas City, Springfield, Joplin, Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City, Columbia, or even St. Louis you need to come and make us your new home.

Whether you’re a seasoned belly flier, a wingsuit pilot looking for a flock, or an indoor skydiving aficionado, we have what you need! At Glidersports Skydiving, we’re dedicated to safety and performance – and we believe that neither should compromise the other.

You can skydive anywhere in the world, but if you ask any longtime skydiver, they pick their home dropzone based on the community. Our staff is made up of some of the best and friendliest people.

At Glidersports Skydiving you will find nothing but the best in aircraft.  We fly the newest, safest, and fastest planes in the region.


SuperVan 900

No other aircraft in the area can boast the safety, efficiency, and comfort of this rockstar of a plane.  Not to mention the largest door you will find south of Chicago or north of Texas.

What makes a Supervan 900 better than a standard Caravan? The Supervan 900 replaces the normal 625 horsepower engine with a Honeywell Garrett 1000 HP engine de-rated to 900. This means we can get you and 14 other friends in the air faster, higher, and at a lower cost.


Super STOL 182

We always want to fly the big bird but when we can’t this is the next best thing. Our little Cessna is the fastest, nicest, most outfitted 182 in the skydiving industry.

Upgrades include two inches of memory foam padding, higher horsepower engine, airfoil improvements, and fancy avionics. No expense was spared to make this the nicest four-place jump plane around.



The newest addition to our fleet is still being prepared to meet Glidersports standards. Our Cessna 206 will feature all the above average standards that you are used to with our planes. More space then the 182 but lower minimums then the caravan means more jumps! This is a utility model with a roll-up door.


The heart and soul of the operation. Our manifest staff are all knowledgable jumpers that can answer your questions or direct to the proper person. They can help you get on a load or teach you how to self-manifest for even more jumps.





Gear Store
We are subject matter experts in all things skydiving, come chat with us about any of your skydiving needs. The store keeps a huge selection of items in stock, if we don’t have it here already we can get it quickly. All items in our store can be ordered online for pickup or delivery as well.
Gear Rental

GliderSports is the only skydiving center in the area with sport demo and rental equipment. Regardless if you don’t have gear, or you don’t have your gear on you. Maybe you want to try something new or demo something before you buy it. We’ll even let you use rigs so you can turn more loads. We’ve got everything from student size down to valkries for you to rent. Need gear or want to try something different?


Student Equipment

Student equipment includes canopy sizes 280, 260, 250, 230, 220 in Vectors and Icons.


Sport Rentals

Rental equipment includes but not limited to canopies sized 190, 189, 168, 150, and 135 in Mirage, Javelin, Vector, Voodoo, and Icon containers.


Other Demos

As a result of our massive gear store, we have connections with all the major manufacturers. If you want to try something before you buy it, let us know and we can get you a demo to make a knowledgable decision.



We have a tiny fleet of our own wingsuits and connections with all the manufacturers for demos. We can help get you from fledgling to flocker.



$25/Jump, pack job included

$100/Day, unlimited jumps, last pack job included

Load Organizing

Education is essential to becoming better skydivers. Improving yourself thru the use of organizers is a proven method. Every one of our organized skydives begins with a briefing, includes video of the jump and debriefing.

Organizers are here most days, and available to you at no cost.  If you let us know in advance we can make sure the organizers you want are here when you want them.


Whether you’ve got your eyes on small skill building two ways, or you’re aiming to get involved in multi-plane big ways. We can help you build the skills to meet your goals.


Zoo dives are great, but skydives with specific measurable achievable relevant and timely goals are just more satisfying in the long run. Let our freefly organizers help you become better skydivers!


We are lucky enough to have a world champion CRW dog that calls GliderSports Skydiving his home! Wags is willing to help educate anyone with an interest in canopy relative work any weekend.


From fledgling to flocker, we’ve got wingsuit instructors on staff that can help you get from your first jump to carving the cliffs of Norway.


We have special rates with the tunnel and instructors that we prefer to work with. Let us know before you go up to the tunnel to fly and we’ll make sure you get the best rates and training.

Landing Area

With 50 acres of private land and 350 acres of surrounding open flat area… we’ve got tons of options for you to land on the airport or off. No worries of losing your canopy into swamps, forests, or cities.

Swoop Pond/Swimming

We’ve got a giant pond in the middle of our property. Its dimensions are approximately 500ft x 500ft and it is up to 12ft in depth. Use it to show us the longest, fastest swoop. If that’s not your deal, you can swim in it or use our flyboards and hoverboards. We have plans to build a smaller competition specification pond in the future.

Climate Controlled Packing

The only climate controlled packing in the midwest. We just completed a 50×50 building with heating and cooling for those super hot and blustery cold days. This is part of our commitment to being open and able to jump every day of the year.


After a long hard day of skydiving, a drive is probably the least appealing thing you could think of. You are invited to stay with us as long as you would like! We provide many lodging options to keep you comfortable as possible for the duration of your stay.


Bunk House

5-bed bunkhouse complete with kitchen, shower, and lounge.




If you prefer to rough it, camping is no charge. Just be sure to fill out a campground waiver before you pitch your tent. There is an outdoor shower house available for use as well.


RV Park

We have 13 full hookup RV slots. Full-time staff will be given priority. Cost is $90/month, Water and sewer are included, electricity is billed out by a meter.


Local Hotel

We have negotiated a small discount for our jumpers with a reputable local hotel. Please see manifest about how to make your reservation with them.

Bent Prop Cafe

The bent prop cafe has all the food you could ever want or need. Pizza, burgers, drinks, shakes, etc. The menu is always changing and they even have a beer for your end of day relaxation.

Rigging Loft

Above our indoor packing area, we have a full-service rigging loft. Equipped with machines and experience needed to do any job promptly. Our friendly senior and master parachute riggers will use their years of experience to get you in the air safer. Simple repack to custom fabrication, we’ve got you covered.


Most skydiving takes place on or near an airport, so it’s not a surprise that you can fly in if you want to. However, it is noteworthy to say that a good chunk of our staff are pilots and fly in constantly. Give us a shout on Unicom and we’ll help direct you to the best place to park and give you a ride over to the dropzone. If you’re looking for an aviation-friendly skydiving center, set your purple line direct to KGLY.