When is a drop zone not just a drop zone? When it’s Glidersports of course! 

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With private 50 acres to play and land on, you wont find a better place to come and relax.
USPA pro rating pea pit, landing area that goes on for over 2,000 feet, all mowed & smooth as your front yard.

We pride ourselves on providing the best landing area for you and your gear.

Are you tired of dripping sweat when you are packing? How about not feeling your fingers. When we are open the AC or the Heat is a rocking. Get more skydives in each day..

From minor to major items we can take care of all your rigging needs. On site same day repacks are available. If you need one of our team members to take a look at your gear, all you need to do is ask.



At Glidersports you don’t have to leave the DropZone to stay fueled up. Sat & Sunday the cafe opens at 8AM for breakfast through the afternoon to have a cold beer when you are done jumping. From milkshakes to cold beer we have it all.



With a fully stocked pond, bring your towel and your fishing pole. When the water is warm, and jumping is done flyboard and hoverboard is available. Kids are welcome to swim with parental supervision with knowing there is no lifeguard, and you do so at your own risk.



We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath bunk house on site.
for $25 per night per person stay up off the ground.

You will need to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag or sheets, but it will get you out of the heat and the cold.


Fly In!

Come visit Glidersports @ KGLY.
If you are a pilot and would like to fly in just give us a call for the briefing.


At Glidersports Skydiving you will find nothing but the best in aircraft.  We fly the newest, safest, and fastest planes in the region.

No other aircraft in the area can boast the safety, efficiency, and comfort of this rockstar of a plane. Not to mention the largest door you will find south of Chicago or north of Texas. What makes a Beech 99 better than what else is out there? The Beech 99 boasts 1,360 horse power. This means we can get you and up to 17 other friends in the air faster, higher, and at a lower cost.

The newest addition to our fleet is still being prepared to meet Glidersports standards. Our Cessna 206 will feature all the above average standards that you are used to with our planes. More space then the 182 but lower minimums then the Beech 99 means more jumps! This is a utility model with a roll-up door.

Gear store & rentals.

If you’re looking to buy, rent, or test gear. This is the place to do it!

Gear rental.

GliderSports is the only skydiving center in the area with sport demo and rental equipment. Regardless if you don’t have gear, or you don’t have your gear on you. Maybe you want to try something new or demo something before you buy it. We’ll even let you use rigs so you can turn more loads. We’ve got everything from student size down to valkries for you to rent. Need gear or want to try something different?

Gear store.

We are subject matter experts in all things skydiving, come chat with us about any of your skydiving needs. The store keeps a huge selection of items in stock, if we don’t have it here already we can get it quickly. All items in our store can be ordered online for pickup or delivery as well.

Student equipment includes canopy sizes 280, 260, 250, 230, 220 in Vectors and Icons.

As a result of our massive gear store, we have connections with all the major manufacturers. If you want to try something before you buy it, let us know and we can get you a demo to make a knowledgable decision.

Rental equipment includes but not limited to canopies sized 190, 189, 168, 150, and 135 in Mirage, Javelin, Vector, Voodoo, and Icon containers..

We have a tiny fleet of our own wingsuits and connections with all the manufacturers for demos. We can help get you from fledgling to flocker.

Simple Rental Pricing.

Just the rig

Rent just the rig.

$25 / per jump

All the Gear

Rent the rig jumpsuit, helmet and altimeter..

$35 / per jump

Full Day

Rent the gear for the full day, unlimited jumps!

$100 / per day