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Experienced Skydiving Features

When is a dropzone not just a dropzone?

When it’s Glidersports of course! Glidersports is all about the experienced skydiver who wants more.

Welcome to the best midwest skydiving facility! Glidersports Skydiving is here to offer Missouri something it’s never seen before: the best location, the most dedicated and experienced staff, and the newest and fastest fleet of performance aircraft in the region…seven days a week, 365 days a year! If you live in Kansas City, Springfield, Joplin, Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City or the Columbia areas we are the best skydiving near you. Once you’ve jumped with us, you will want to keep coming back!

Whether you’re a seasoned belly flier, a wingsuit pilot looking for a flock, or a wind tunnel trained shredder, we have what you need! At Glidersports Skydiving, we’re dedicated to safety and performance – and we believe that neither should compromise the other.

Glidersports Skydiving Features

Year Round!

We aren’t afraid of the cold or the heat. GliderSports is here skydiving seven days a week!

Lowest Price!

The most economical licensed jumper prices in the region, guaranteed! We’ll match or beat anyone’s price!

Best Fleet!

We have the fastest loads times in our upgraded and well-equipped planes. The Beach 99 and Super STOL C206 are as good as you can get. Hope you can keep up, our gear store can help you find a turn rig.

Most Altitude!

We offer high-altitude oxygen loads to 18,000 ft on a regular basis. You can find masks and cannula available for purchase from the store.

Top Notch Staff!

Our staff consists of world-class skydivers, pilots, and team members. There is plenty of experience here to help you continue to grow.


We encourage everyone to learn to fly a parachute as well as possible, there’s even a pond for you to swoop! We are the only dropzone in the area with a swoop pond.

Large Landing Area!

With 50 acres of privately owned land, and friendly neighbors we have 350 square acres worth of open landing area. Our fleet of golf carts also means you’ll probably have a ride back if you land out!

Lowest Minimums!

With only four jumpers required to fly a load in the 182, or eight in the caravan we can get you in the air more often than the competition, even on slow days.


We love fun jumpers, we will never bump you for a tandem and if you can meet the minimums we’re always willing to bust out the turbine.

Climate Controlled Packing!

Large, covered, climate controlled, cushioned packing area; packing services also available!

Rigging Loft!

We have a full-service loft on site with same day rigging if you need it.

Gear Rental!

Whether your new and need a big 260 or a seasoned professional looking for something cross-braced. We have something for you to rent.

Gear Store!

Talk to us about Aerodyne, Alti-2, Cookie, GoPro, etc. Come check out our HUGE selection in gear store. If it’s not in stock, we can get it ordered for you. You can even order from our online store for pickup the next time you’re out.

Load Organizing & Coaching!

We have plenty of skilled jumpers to help you figure out what to do on your jumps or learn new skills.

Birddog Rewards!

Bring in a tandem or a paying first-time student and earn free jumps!


Don’t pack your lunch, the bent prop cafe is a full-service cafe on-site, right next to manifest. Grab a burger between loads!


AAD’s are optional – It’s your choice, automatic activation devices are recommended but not required after you have a license. Canopy Choice – No restrictions on what you can fly… within reason, keep it safe. Cameras – The USPA recommends a C license to jump with a camera, but if you have the skills required you’re more then welcome to jump them on a case by case basis earlier then that.

After Hours...

Fun in the air and on the ground!

After a long day of skydiving, we love to cool down and enjoy time with our friends. The GliderSports property was built so that you can escape everyday life and stay with us as long as you want.​


There are hotels in town, but we know you’d rather stay on the property. We have a bunkhouse with reasonable rates and no charge camping. If you have an RV you can even purchase a slot, and make a vacation home here. The best perk to staying on property? First load in the morning!

Family, Kids, Pets

The more the merrier, we encourage you to bring your family! We don’t bite, and if your humans and animals don’t either they are welcome. The airport is a lot of fun, but there are some unsafe areas, so please be vigilant in educating and monitoring your non-jumping guests.


Skydiving was built around the bonfire. This is the best place to learn and ask questions in a low-pressure environment. It’s where your instructors and coaches become your best friends. GliderSports is known for the most epic bonfires in the midwest.


Nothing brings skydivers together better than food! We love to cook out, and we have plenty of grills to facilitate a good get together. We’ve also been known to take over entire sections of local restaurants

Our Location

We're Centrally Located

GliderSports is located in close proximity to Kansas City, Springfield, Joplin, Lake of the Ozarks, Jefferson City and Columbia. We even have regulars come over from the St. Louis area!

We’re located just over an hour south of Kansas City, three miles from historic Clinton, Missouri.

The views from altitude are the most breathtaking in Missouri (and the midwest.) Overlooking the beautiful Truman Reservoir, the sunsets are even better! Anyone for a sunset high pull?

Local Attractions

Nestled in Missouri’s golden valley, Clinton is considered the gateway to Truman Reservoir. There’s plenty to do in the area aside from just skydive. If you’ve ever been stuck at a middle of nowhere dropzone on weather hold, you know how important this is.

Water Sports

Truman Resiviour and Lake of the Ozarks are right next to us. Bring a boat, jet skis, fishing rod and/or swimsuit. You can even stay on property to use our hoverboard or flyboard.

Two Wheels

The Katy Trail starts in Clinton, as well as being a great destination for motorcycle rides from Kansas City. There’s also Truman Lake mountain bike park and Cooper Creek ATV area right next door. Plenty of action for before or after your skydive!

Clinton, MO

Gas, food, lodging, shops… all within three minutes. Clinton, Missouri is known for antique and craft shopping, as well the historic downtown district, and the Henry County Museum.  There are also basic amenities like Walmart and Starbucks.


After you’ve completed your method-specific training. you will be manifested for an airplane load. although there are some differences in each method, these are the parts that are the same during the jump…


In the Beach 99



In the 206



either plane (3,500ft)


Rental Gear

In the bEACH 99