We’re a fun jumper paradise

At GliderSports™ you will find nothing but the best in aircraft.

We fly the newest, safest, and fastest aircraft in the region.  Any way you want to gauge it we have the safest fleet around.

2001 Cessna “SuperVan 900” Caravan

Our Flag Ship aircraft

No other aircraft in the area can boast the safety, efficiency, and comfort of this pearl of a plane.  Not to mention the largest door you will find south of Chicago or north of Texas.

What makes a Supervan 900 better than a standard Caravan?  A Standard Caravan only has 625 Horse Power.  The Supervan 900 replaces this Pratt & Whitney engine with a direct drive Honeywell Garrett 1000HP engine de-rated to 900.  This means most days this monster holds 900 HP to over 8,000 Feet.  Most aircraft start losing power from the moment they take off.  What this means to you?  It means there are 15 slots for you to get in the air faster, higher, and at the best prices in the region.

Super STOL 182

The fastest, most outfitted 182 skydiving has ever seen.

We always want to fly the Supervan 900 but when we can’t this is the next best thing.  2 inches of memory foam pad, climb mods, no expense was spared to make this the nicest 4 place jump plane around.

Cessna U-206

Coming Soon….

When our Cessna U-206 is ready. We’ll be able to add another 6 slots of availability.  When 15 jumpers in the air just isn’t enough we’ll fly both for those big ways!  It is currently going through the Glidersports rebuild, as most aircraft don’t meet our high standards.  As with all of our aircraft they must start with a brand new engine and so much more for the safety of our customers.

Kansas City, Missouri

83 miles

St. Louis, Missouri

235 miles

Springfield, Missouri

94 miles

Columbia, Missouri

110 miles

Lake of the Ozarks

65 miles