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Camera Sleeve – Sup Air


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Description Storage sleeve for video/photo equipment improving handling during tandem flights. Materials Nylon

Harness Radio Pouch – Sup Air


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Neoprene housing to connect to the shoulder strap. Accommodates most hand-held radios.

APCO GoPro Wing Mount


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GoPro camera for adventure sports is a relative newcomer, but already making an impact. Following growing demand, APCO is launching

CHT sensor – PPG Meter

CHT sensor – 14mm – cable length 45cm CHT sensor – 14mm – cable length 90cm Please measure the length

EGT Sensor – PPG Meter

Please select the appropriate cable length when ordering for your setup. For a general paramotor setup the 45cm sensor cable

Fly Meter

$399.99 $329.99

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** Please note that all sensors include a 45cm CHT sensor only . To allow for other functions such as

Fuel Flow Sensor – PPG Meter

Flow fuel sensor – 0.015 – 0.9l/min – Best for most paramotors. Flow fuel sensor – 0.03 – 2.0l/min –

Fuel Sensor – PPG Meter


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This is the Fuel Sensor used to display you the quantity of fuel left. Please select the appropriate fuel probe length

Power Cable – PPG Meter


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Used to connect the PPG Meter to an engine with a built-in power system.

PPG Meter

From: $189.99 $159.99

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The New PPG meter Functions of new PPG meter: RPM **Start monitor system – Experimental Feature 2x temperature 1200°C or

PPG Meter – Battery Box


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Battery Box For PPG Meters

RPM/CHT Display – Meter

$74.99 $64.99

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Our new all-in-one paramotor engine meter. Measures Cylinder Head Temp / RPM / Hours through the same unit. Please note